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Detective Geek has a superpower of knowing when and where a crime is going to happen; unfortunately his superpower is encrypted, and he takes a lot of time decrypting it.
Everytime he sees a crime using his superpower he starts writing on paper and the result looks like this:
mayjul sepsep octapr octsep sepjun octjan

As he is the one and only detective geek he wanted to write a program to help him decrypt faster.

The first line represents binary: #*######*#* becomes 10111111010
This equals the decimal number 1530, which means the time when the crime is going to happen is 15:30.

The second line encodes the address where the crime will take place. Every word in the encrypted address represents a character in the real address.
A word such as octapr can be split into two strings of length 3 oct and apr which are abbreviations for months october and april.
Each month represents a number according to its order in the year. "jan" = 0, "feb"= 1 ,"mar"= 2 ... "dec" = 11
The string of two months represents a two-digit base 12 number. So octapr is 93
93 in base 12 becomes 111 in decimal
and the final step is to look in ascci table to see what letter correspond to 111.
so octapr -> "o"
line 1 : time string representing the time
line 2 : address string representing the address
line 1 : time in hh:mm format
line 2 : decrypted address
date : contains only # and * ,1<=length<13, represents a valid 24-hr time.
adress : 5<=length<100, decodes to printable ASCII characters.
mayjul sepsep octapr octsep sepjun octjan

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