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You have been looking on the network packet a game is sending, and you have been thinking about making a system to automatically pick things up for you!

You have found the packet is one big string of binary data of instructions.
Each instruction is formatted in this way:
[instruction id (3 bits)][packet length (4 bits)][packet info (packet length bits)].

What you need to do is extract the item drop instructions, they have id 101, and their packet info is the item id you will need! This id might be different lengths, so look at the packet length.

What you need to send back is a set of pickup instructions, id 001. Remember the packet length!
001[item id length][item id]

For example: "10100010101001011" we have the id and length:
"101 0001 0101001011" which means we should take 1 bit for the item id, so
"101 0001 0".
Then we look at the rest of the packet
"101001011" and split that up into "101 0010 11" and get the second id "11".

Then we just send the response "001 0001 0" and "001 0010 11".
Line 1: the length of the packet
Line 2: the packet to inspect
Line 1: The packet you send to the game to pick up your items
The ids should be sent in the order they were found in the input packet
There will always be at least one item drop

A higher resolution is required to access the IDE