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This puzzle can be solved using the following concepts. Practice using these concepts and improve your skills.



You are given a word and a sentence. To break the code, you must identify the key, which is the first anagram of the word in the sentence.
Then the code is a 4 digits code defined like that from left to right:
1st digit : number of words found before the key
2nd digit : number of words found after the key
3rd digit : number of letters before the key
4th digit : number of letters after the key

- For all numbers we keep only the rightmost digit
- If there is no anagram of the given word, print IMPOSSIBLE
- Words are separated by a space or by a punctuation mark
- A word is not an anagram of itself
- In the sentences, we can find only letters and the following punctuation marks: : . , ? ! But we count only letters for the code.


my dog scared them away

The key is dog
1st digit: 1 word before the key
2nd digit: 3 words after the key
3rd digit: 2 letters before the key
4th digit: 14 letters after the key so rightmost digit is 4
The code is:
Line 1: a word w for the word that match with an anagram in the following sentence
Line 2: a sentence s for the sentence with an anagram
the code with the following format: d.d.d.d where d is a digit.
My dog scared them away

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