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Learning Opportunities

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Wood League

This is a league-based challenge.

Wood leagues should be considered as a tutorial which lets players discover the different rules of the game.
In Bronze league all rules will be unlocked and the real challenge will begin.

To have a look at the final rules, go here and switch leagues at the top right corner.

  The Goal

Collect more points than your opponent by capturing and defending triangles.


The map consists of houses, some of which are connected by paths. Houses are defined by x and y coordinate. Each player starts with 3 units on one side of the map. Then the players try to capture a triangle by owning all three corner houses of it. They can use a triangle to spawn a new unit, kill all opponent units on a given house and add or remove a path between two houses.

Moving units
Units can be moved from a house to one of the direct neighbors each turn.

House ownership
A house is owned, when the player has strictly more units on it than the opponent player or when all neighboring houses are owned by that player.

Surrounded units
When a unit is surrounded by opponent houses, meaning each neighboring house is owned by the opponent, the unit is killed.

A triangle is defined by three houses, that are all connected with each other. A triangle may not contain any other houses inside itself.
After each turn the players get 1 point for each triangle they currently own.

Capturing a triangle
To capture a triangle, a player has to own all three corners of it and be eligible to claim the triangle. Initially the players can capture all triangles. This will only change after using them. A captured triangle will remain in the ownership of the player until it's used or captured by the opponent.

Using a triangle
When owning a triangle, a player can use it to perform one of the actions described below. This will make the triangle neutral again. The player using it can only capture it again after moving all units away from each house or after it got captured by the opponent player.

Spawning a unit
One way to use a triangle is to spawn a unit. This will place a unit on one house of the triangle. The player can choose the corner to spawn on.
Victory Conditions
  • You collect more points than your opponent
  • You own at least 80% of all triangles
Loss Conditions
  • You collect less points than your opponent
  • You have no triangles and no units left
  • Your opponent owns at least 80% of all triangles
  • You do not respond in time or output an unrecognized command

  Expert Rules

The source code of the referee can be found on github:
Don't hesitate to change the viewer's options to help debug your code ().

The game turn works as follows:
  1. Move units
  2. Spawn units
  3. Kill surrounded units
  4. Change ownership of triangles

  Game Input

Initial input
First line: houseCount, the number of houses on the board
Next houseCount lines: houseId houseX houseY, the id and location of each point

Input for each game turn
First line: myScore opponentScore, the score points of you and your opponent respectively
Next houseCount lines: houseId myUnits opponentUnits, the house ID and the amount of your own and opponent units on it
Next line: pathCount, the number of paths
Next pathCount lines: house1 house2 indicating a connection between these two houses
Next line: triangleCount, the number of triangles
Next triangleCount lines: house1 house2 house3 owner meCanCapture opponentCanCapture.
house1 house2 house3 give the corners of the triangle.
owner indicating the owner of the triangle. It will be -1 if it's neutral, 0 if it belongs to you and 1 if it belongs to your opponent.
meCanCapture is 1 if you can currently capture it, 0 otherwise
opponentCanCapture is 1 if your opponent can currently capture it, 0 otherwise
Next line: linkableCount, the number of new paths that can possibly be created
This value will always be 0 in lower leagues
Next linkableCount lines: house1 house2 giving the houses that can be linked.

Output for one game turn
You can print an arbitrary amount of commands per turn, separated by ;
  • MOVE from to amount move amount units from house from to house to. If there is no direct connection between these two houses, the units will move closer along a shortest path if possible or stay if there is no path.
  • SPAWN house1 house2 house3 to spawn a unit on house1 using the given triangle. Change the house order to affect the spawning location
0houseX < 1920
0houseY < 1080

Response time first turn ≤ 1000 ms
Response time per turn ≤ 50 ms
The game ends after 200 turns

A higher resolution is required to access the IDE

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