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Learning Opportunities

This puzzle can be solved using the following concepts. Practice using these concepts and improve your skills.


Each player controls a team of robots.

Robots are deployed in a field of abandoned electronics, their purpose is to refurbish patches of this field into functional tech.

The robots are also capable of self-disassembly and self-replication, but they need raw materials from structures called Recyclers which the robots can build.

The structures will recycle everything around them into raw matter, essentially removing the patches of electronics and revealing the Grass below.

Players control a team of these robots in the midst of a playful competition to see which team can control the most patches of a given scrap field. They do so by marking patches with their team's color, all with the following constraints:

  • If robots of both teams end up on the same patch, they must disassemble themselves one for one. The robots are therefore removed from the game, only leaving at most one team on that patch.
  • The robots may not cross the grass, robots that are still on a patch when it is completely recycled must therefore disassemble themselves too.
Once the games are over, the robots will dutifully re-assemble and go back to work as normal.

A higher resolution is required to access the IDE


The life of a Recyclo-Bot is a simple one.

Mark scrap for refurbishment, build recyclers, move on to the next field of scrap and repeat, all while respecting the Prime Directive: "Keep Off The Grass". But sometimes, even the most cheerful little Recyclo-Bot can get a bit bored by these repetitive tasks.

This is why, once in a while, the self-proclaimed Recyclo-Boyz like to organize the Great Scrap Marking Competition, a friendly joust between two teams where the one having marked the most scrap with their color at the end of a timer is declared the winner.

However, during a match the robots may only use raw materials recycled from the scrap field they are standing on! All tricks are allowed, even recycling to such an extent that the honoured Grass is uncovered, blocking off a patch of scrap from the opponent... or completely pulling the rug out from under oneself, if not careful enough.