CodinGame Spring Challenge 2020

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Worldwide Coding Competition

May 7, 2020 04:00PM

11 days
Crafted with ❤️ by CodinGame
3 leaderboards
Open to all
A global competition for developers all over the world
3 leaderboards: a global leaderboard for everyone, a company leaderboard and a school leaderboard
How much does it cost?
Participating in the competition is free.
When does it start and end?
The competition starts on Thursday, May 7 at 12 pm EST and ends on Monday, May 18 at 4 am EST. It starts at the same time for all players in the world, whatever the time zone.
Do I need a CodinGame account to compete?
Yes, you need to create a CodinGame account before being able to register for the competition. We also suggest having a look at easy puzzles to get used to the platform.
How can I compete for my school/company?
By default, if you're a student and you've added your school to your profile, depending on your rank, you'll contribute points to your school for the school leaderboard. In the same way, if you've added your company to your profile, depending on your rank, you'll contribute to your company for the company leaderboard. You can complete your profile here.
I'm afraid of projecting a negative image of my school/company if I rank poorly. What can I do?
Only the top 100 schools and top 100 companies will be visible. Furthermore, it's possible to play the solo competition only.
What type of coding exercise should I expect?
This is a bot programming (AI) challenge. A default program is provided in the language of your choice. Modify it and run it to see the game played in the animated viewer. Once you're happy with your AI, you can submit your code to enter the arena and be automatically ranked against other players.
How long does it take?
Creating a very basic AI only takes a few minutes. If you enjoy the game though, you may want to spend a few hours improving it. The contest is open for 10 consecutive days.
Are there any prizes to win?
Yes. Prizes will be revealed before the start of the contest.
How are the school/company leaderboards computed?
The formula is still to be confirmed with further tests. The main idea is to take the sum of points of the top 5 players in each company/school with at least 3 players. More info in this forum's thread.
What if people try to cheat the system or disturb the school/company leaderboards?
Copying code between players is forbidden during contests. We'll thoroughly monitor players' submissions and we reserve ourselves the right to ban any player in case of abuse.

CodinGame Spring Challenge 2020

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