CodinGame Spring Challenge 2020

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Worldwide Coding Competition

Mar 6, 2020 05:00PM

10 days
Crafted with ❤️ by CodinGame
Open to all
A fresh and new experience of CodinGame coding challenges
More to be revealed on December 2019
How much does it cost?
Participating in the competition is free.
When does it start and end?
The competition starts on March 6 at 12 pm EST and ends on March 16 at 4 am EST. It starts at the same time for all players in the world, whatever the time zone.
Do I need a CodinGame account to compete?
Yes, you need to create a CodinGame account before being able to register for the competition.
What type of coding exercise should I expect?
This is a bot programming (AI) challenge. A default program is provided in the language of your choice. Modify it and run it to see the game played in the animated viewer. Once you're happy with your AI, you can submit your code to enter the arena and be automatically ranked against other players.
How long does it take?
Creating a basic AI only takes a few minutes. If you enjoy the game, you will probably spend several hours improving it. The contest is open for 10 consecutive days.
Are there any prizes to win?
Yes. Special prizes will be revealed December 2019.

CodinGame Spring Challenge 2020

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