Detective Pikaptcha

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Even if you have an account on CodinGame, you need to register to our coding challenges to participate. The competition starts at the same time for all players in the world, whatever the time zone.
Choose your programming language
There are 25+ languages to choose from to implement your solution during the contest, so go for your favorite or try a more exotic one!
Code your solution
Write a solution to a few puzzles, beat the others to it for extra points!
Hit the Leaderboard
Once you are satisfied with your solution, submit it and we will put it to the test with our validator test cases. You will be ranked first by completion percentage, then by speed!
Win a CodinGame T-shirt
The 3 winners will receive a canvas of the contest artwork!
Also 20 T-shirts will be awarded to the 20 top players in the Leaderboard!
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