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How does it work?
Register and join… it’s free!
Even if you have an account on CodinGame, you need to register to our coding challenges to participate. The competition starts at the same time for all players in the world, whatever the time zone.
Choose your programming language
There are 25+ languages to choose from to implement your solution during the contest, so go for your favorite or try a more exotic one!
Test your code in the IDE
Your code should work for every possible game configuration. You can test them with the test cases in the IDE and analyze what strategies can earn the most points.
Submit your code
To know your score and compare with the other contenders, you must submit your code. It will be played against a set of hidden test cases: the validators. At the end of the contest, the validators will be replaced by another set of validators to thwart any attempt of cheating.
Win a CodinGame T-shirt
The 3 winners will receive a special CodinGame package!
Also 20 T-shirts will be awarded to the 20 top players in the Leaderboard!