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First of all, let me wish you the best for 2017 on behalf of the whole CodinGame team. Still got until February to do it, right? We have exciting plans for 2017 and so far, we’ve been pretty mysterious about it. This post aims at telling you a bit more about our focus on learning.

In 2017, CodinGame is going to evolve.

We believe that the world of software development is moving at an incredible and thrilling pace. It has never been so exciting to be a programmer. On the other hand, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. At CodinGame, we want to help any programmer to keep up to date with new technologies and languages in an unprecedented way.

We are adding free open source tutorials to the platform.

So what does this mean exactly?

Up until now, you have been using the platform to improve your skills, to have fun and to compete with other programmers. All of this — classic puzzles, bot programming, clash of code… — is not going to go away, don’t worry. We’re adding what has been missing on the platform for too long: the learning part.

First, you’ll have access to free lessons on the latest hottest topics. As there is no better way to learn programming than to code, we’ll make it possible for you to try and test the content of the courses directly in our IDE. Finally we’ll allow you to contribute to the overall project by creating your own tutorials.

This is an ambitious project, but we believe it will resonate with a lot of programmers. To kickstart the project, we’ve just released a total rework of the platform UI. This is just the beginning and you can expect more updates to come in the following weeks. For sure we’ll keep you updated about our progress.

We hope that you’re as excited as we are. We’ve been working on this for a few months already and we’re all aligned with the ultimate goal.

we're all aligned with our vision

I’m really curious to know what you think about this evolution. If you want to discuss it, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!