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Accelerate 4x and divide by 2 the cost of your screening process while boosting your hiring quality

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Resumes and whiteboards are outdated

Check your candidates' actual programming skills with our coding tests by asking them to write code without spending any of your engineering team's time

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Set up coding tests in minutes

Select coding tests from our library or create your own


Invite and manage candidates

Our dashboard lets you follow up on all candidates


Review candidates with the most accurate testing technology to date!

Rank candidates based on 5 abilities from problem solving to code design

500+ questions to choose from

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3 types of questions

Problem solving, MCQ, or Free text: Use our pre-configured test campaigns or select your questions

Create Custom Exercises

With our online Question Editor, tailor the content of your test to your company's needs

Share and export your test reports

What you get with our coding test platform

Save 75% of time in hiring programmers

CodinGame automatically ranks and compares your candidates, providing you with a ready-to-use short-list. You can focus on interviewing only the ones that meet your standards.

Identify the best profiles with certainty

CodinGame provides objective measures of coding proficiency. Skill mapping and profile matching features allow you to select developers who best match your requirements.

Be a tech-friendly recruiter

The best programmers love to write great code and solve challenging coding problems. You have the chance to show how interesting it is going to be to work with you as you favor actual skills over educational background.

CodinGame Assessment has become a key and valuable partner for eFront, which helps us meet our challenge of hiring curious and sharp minds on a daily basis. CodinGame Assessment tools are not simply about measuring knowledge, they have proven to be essential in our selection process by offering a comprehensive picture of our candidates' talent and way of reasoning.
Céline Méchain, Human Resources Manager
At Experty we grow so quickly that hiring top developers in numbers has become a true challenge. CodinGame Assessment makes our recruitment process faster, more efficient, as well as qualitatively better.
Rinke Colen, CTO
CodinGame Assessment allowed us to reduce our recruitment costs for a Junior Java Developer by four fifths. The tool is a breeze to use thanks to its intuitive interface, and the results obtained are reliable.
Loic Houssier, CTO

A pricing that understands your needs!

We understand that your recruiting needs require flexibility.
You can choose between pay-as-you-go test packs and a monthly or yearly subscription.

Free trial

  • 3 candidate invitations
  • Access to a pool of 3 questions
  • 2 weeks to try it out

Pay as you go

  • Pay per invitation
  • Access to a pool of 300+ questions
  • 10 custom question creations
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  • Unlimited invitations
  • Access to a pool of 300+ questions
  • 10 custom question creations
  • Cancel anytime
$249/month paid yearly
$299/month paid monthly


  • Unlimited invitations
  • Access to a pool of 500+ questions
  • Unlimited custom questions
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Apply your own branding

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cost of the Premium plan?
The price depends on the needs and requirements you have. Drop us a line, and we’ll get you a quote right away.
Are there any extra training and setup costs?
No. We want you to get most out of CodinGame straight away, so onboarding, training and support come for free.
What do I get with the free trial?
You will be able to use some of our ready-made tests and invite candidates to take them. Only 3 invitations can be sent. Please note you won’t be able to create your own tests or quizzes.
Can I get help creating my tests?
Yes. Ask our experts how to build a test for your job description and start screening right away.
What if I recruit in peaks?
No problem. You have one year to use our pay-as-you-go test packs so you can recruit whenever you want.
Do you create custom subscriptions?
Yes. CodinGame is adaptable to your needs and we are happy to customize any subscription accordingly.
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