Host your own Hackathon


We craft amazing custom programming contests

Our events offer a thrilling user experience and an unforgettable live atmosphere!

Set your goals

  • Enhance your team building

    Nothing brings a tech team together better than hack. Entertain, engage and unleash your co-workers taste for challenge with an in-house coding contest dedicated to team building.

  • Spot talent both internally and externally

    Whether it is for recruiting or internal mobility perspectives, identify top profiles through an event that will attract several hundreds of developers while showcasing your employer brand.

  • Promote your products and apps

    Advertise your products and applications, boost your developer programs and create unique relationships with a large and qualified audience of tech enthusiasts.

  • Liven up your partner network

    Unite your partners or subsidiaries through a coding event that will show your company’s passion for challenges in a fun way.

Choose your format

2 to 4-hour coding competitions

The goal: solve one to several puzzles in a limited time. All participants compete at the same time, but the swiftest players who provide the smartest solutions will top the leaderboard!

Artificial Intelligence Battles

Our competitions in multiplayer mode are terrifically addictive, though remaining accessible to A.I. beginners. Over a period ranging from 24 hours to two weeks, players have to code the most efficient bot, send it fight into the arena, and sharpen it as the battle goes along.

We take care of the rest

We will work with you on imagining a game that suits your company culture, technical requirements, business issues and branding objectives.


“The challenge we organized with CodinGame had a great media coverage and very positively contributed to our employer brand. On the recruitment side, the "Game of Drones" operation was a success since it allowed us to recruit 5 developers in only one month, including the winner of the competition”

Claire BOURDIN, Recruiting Officer

“For our first in-house hackathon, we really wanted something memorable. We wanted an event that would federate the whole company. CodinGame took up the challenge beyond our expectations.”


There's one thing for sure:

Your event will be as stunning as it will be unique!