What does your Rank represent on CodinGame?

It represents how you compare to others players on the platform. Every time you participate in a multiplayer game, you gain CodinPoints (CPs) based on your rank in that particular game. Multiplayer games are part of the following categories:

  • Contests
  • Clash of Code
  • Bot Programming
  • Optimization
  • Code Golf

One leaderboard per category and a general leaderboard are available in the leaderboards page.

What's the difference between your Level and your Rank?

Your Level represents your progression and activity on CodinGame while your Rank represents how you compare to others in multiplayer game modes.

What are the different rank titles?

Depending on your rank in the general leaderboard, you are given a special title:

  • Guru: top 100 players
  • Grand Master: top 500
  • Master: top 2,500
  • Mentor: top 5,000
  • Disciple: top 10,000
  • Craftsman: top 20,000
  • Rookie: 20,000+

How are the CPs calculated?

CPs are calculated and updated once a day.

In each multiplayer game, you gain CPs based on the following formula:

(BASE * min(N/500, 1))^((N-C+1)/N)

where BASE is a constant that depends on the game's category and represents the total number of CPs* you can get (by ranking first)
N is the total number of players
C is your rank

*the total number of CPs you can get in a game can be lower than BASE in case there are less than 500 players, hence the min(N/500, 1) in the above formula

Clash of Code

BASE = 5000

Your rank in Clash of Code depends on your score which is computed with a TrueSkill-based system. Winning (resp. losing) a clash will increase (resp. decrease) your score by an amount which depends on the players you faced in that clash.

If you stop playing Clash of Code for some time, your score will slowly decay every day.

Bot Programming

BASE = 5,000


BASE = 2,500

Code Golf

In Code Golf, there are as many rankings as languages supported on the platform. Only your top 5 languages submissions will be taken into account. (the min(N/500, 1) in the above formula doesn't apply for Code Golf)

BASE = 200

(so a Code Golf game is worth 1,000)


BASE = 10,000

There is a decay on contest CPs. It works as follows:
The most recent contest is worth 100% of the base (so 10,000 CPs). Each next most recent contest is worth 5% less (95% of the base, then 90% of the base, 85%...) to a minimum of 20% = 2,000 CPs.

On top of that decay, only the 3 best contest results are taken into account (for a maximum CPs of 28,500 if you rank 1st in the last 3 contests).

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