CodinGame Slackbot


The CodinGame bot for Slack provides a private access to the Clash of Code programming games to start private clashes and get access to a leaderboard. Clash of Code is recommended for:

  • Learning new programming hacks
  • Practicing new programming languages
  • Increasing your mental sharpness
  • Having fun and competing with your teammates

Slack commands

/clash [game_mode] [language]  Get an URL to join a private clash with your teammates (up to 12 players in the same clash)

  • game_mode (optional, a random game mode is selected if it's not specified): a game mode among fastest, reverse and shortest.
    • fastest: code a valid solution as fast as you can
    • shortest: code the shortest solution (aka Code Golf), all characters count: spaces, comments,...
    • reverse: guess the problem from the inputs and outputs, code a valid solution as fast as you can
  • language (optional, all are available if it's not specified): a programming language among bash, c, c#, c++, clojure, dart, f#, go, groovy, haskell, java, javascript, lua, objectivec, ocaml, pascal, perl, php, python, python3, ruby, rust, scala, swift,

For example, the command below creates a Clash where players have to write the shortest valid solution in Javascript to win the game:

/clash-leaderboard  Display the leaderboard


Clash of Code UI

codingame x discord
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