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1st Place
Oculus Rift + Touch Headset
2nd Place
Alpha 1S Humanoid Programmable Robot
3rd Place
Raspberry Pi Developer Kit
How it works
Roche’s Code4Life is a free multiplayer AI programming competition for which you will have 10 days to develop an autonomous bot able to play a game. Challenge your friends and see how you stack up against worldwide coders!
Choose your tool
There are 25+ programming languages to choose from to participate, so go for your favorite or try a more exotic one!
Easy to enter, harder to master
It only takes a few minutes to come up with a basic solution and start having fun! All along the competition, you will be able to improve and fine-tune your bot as much as you like, whenever you like (the contest is open 24/7).
Rookie? Train first!
New on CodinGame? Try some of our other Bot Programming Games to practice before the contest.
Ready to improve people’s lives in your everyday job?
Check out software application jobs at Roche!