2 weeks of contest, rules that were easier to understand and graphics that were a bit rougher than usual ;-), it was The Great Escape and man, overall, what a great contest this was!

The game: You’re trapped in a maze. The only way to escape will be to block your opponents while avoiding their traps to be the first – and only one – to escape safe and sound.

Thanks to the 3240 CodinGamers who registered to the event, and to the 1153 who were ranked in the Leaderboard!

Our 3 winners are:
Recar (C++, Ukraine), Ixanesis (C++, Belarus) and Romka (C++, Belarus). Congrats guys!

And for all of you who were part of the game, don’t hesitate to tell us how you liked the challenge or, as well, to explain what was your strategy.

The following figures have been made by Delgan: thank you so much for you contribution! πŸ™‚