It’s tough to climb one of the 3 steps of a CodinGame challenge’s podium. That’s why we can say the prizes CodinGamers win in this case are clearly well-deserved (and much sought after). 
So you can imagine how astounded we were when Rogdham, who had won the 2nd place at the CodinGame challenge of May 28th, solemnly told us he had decided to renounce his prize (an AR Drone! Let me tell you, here at CodinGame’s office, everybody craved to have one).
Why such a renouncement? Because it was the 3rd time he had won a prize and that according to him, it was unfair to win every time. 
I will not once again argue on the fact that if you win at a CodinGame challenge, you perfectly deserve the prize. Here’s instead what Rogdham wrote in his email, 4 lines that impressed us:

“I confirm I wish to let the person under Georges5 nickname benefit from my prize. This person is the last one in the list of participants who obtained a score of 100%. Although his code may not be perfect, it is well commented. In addition, when analyzing his solution, one sees that he really tried hard until the last seconds, without giving up. Finally, it paid off! :-)”

So Georges5 received his Drone. Of course he was as pleased and surprised as we were. 
And finally, even if we perfectly know he would have never let us speak about it, we took the risk to do so. Because it truly is a nice -and rare- gesture, we just wanted to publicly tell Rogdham we are happy and proud to have people like him in the community.