PokerChip Race, our multiplayer battle organized in partnership with Winamax, has been called!

For 14 solid days, chips were sliding across the poker table devouring everything in sight from oil droplets to other opponents. Some players had wished they hadn’t gambled on their first choice while others stand by their bet. “There can be only one.”

Out of the 959 players who tested their luck, 449 went “all in” as they pushed their AI into the arena.


The first week was marked by Attractive’s reigning dominance in first place. Lazy strategies were observed to effortless rank in the Top 100 (yup, some just tried the WAIT – and see option… 🙂 )


During the second week, we saw a new challenger appear out of nowhere: xylo upped the ante! When he positioned his AI in the arena, xylo was ten points ahead of his opponent.


All’s well that ends well…well…almost…if not for the Javascript bug stacking the deck! This infamous bug restarted battles which unraveled the leaderboard causing many unlucky players to lose their high ranking.

We’re not bluffing, CodinGame’s HQ was feeling mad pressure and worked overtime to repair the problem. We did our best to explain the inconvenience in IRC while we were reposting the players’ AI in the arena.


At the end, and after a great deal of stress, a final ranking was posted. We extend our apologies to those who lost their place on the podium like pirquessa, for whom it could not have been worse 🙁


Here are the finalists:

1. xylo 43.35 (C) is going home with an all-inclusive package to Sismix, an electro-poker festival in Marrakesh, Morocco sponsored by Winamax
2. trnsnt 37.13 (Python) won a buy-in for the Winamax Poker Tour
3. gamoul 35.81 (PHP) is going home with a poker set

And CodinGame is happily giving out CodinGame t-shirts to the top 10 contestants 🙂

As promised, Winamax will be contacting the top 30 contestants to join them at their Open Day on October 4th, 2014.

Congratulations to all the participants! You will soon be able to play PokerChip Race in the Multiplayer section on our site.