The crazy atmosphere of MeanMax is barely dissipating the place that a new challenge is already rising in front of you. A trio of CodinGamers hasn’t wasted time since early December, and is eager to present you their work.

A First-of-its-Kind Game on the Platform

Antisquid, Illedan, and Wildum are really proud to invite you to the 2nd Community Contest “Botters of the Galaxy” on the 2nd of March.

Botters of the Galaxy will be a classic bot programming multiplayer contest lasting 10 days. However, I can tell you that they chose a type of game without precedent on CodinGame.

The three creators already can’t wait to see what you’ll think of the game. They have used the new CodinGame Toolkit that we built for contributors to quickly create a prototype. We’re still improving that toolkit. The game is still WIP, but the team is committed to creating a great experience for the community.

In the coming weeks, we should have a small surprise for you that will transform the whole event. I don’t have a cover nor a game asset to tease you with yet; they’re in the makings! This will come soon enough, so stay tuned!

Focus on the Community

Needless to remind you that the new contests are crafted by the community, for the community. I insist; 3 other teams are working on new games too. They’re currently brainstorming and creating prototypes. You should expect another contest in April.

Remember the CodingHubs? For those who don’t know, they’re inspired by the hubs of the Google Hasch Code event. From my experience, developers often misjudge the significance of the community. But you might be surprised to discover how fun and rewarding it can be to participate in a live coding event.

CodingHubs usually take place in a company or university for 3 hours. Long story short: you come to a room with your laptop, you code the game, you discuss strategies with others. Well, you have fun.
Oh, and you have a good chance of finding cool CodinGame goodies and top players at a hub…

Whether you want to host a Hub or join one, check this Trello board. And if you have any question, don’t hesitate to ping me!

Antisquid, Illedan and Wildum are counting on you on the 2nd of March.


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