We’re inviting you on the 1st of October to dive into the unique world of “The Accountant Hackathon”, a contest sponsored by Warner Bros., in theaters on October 14th.

Mission time: 1st – 15th October

From: Warner Bros., Burbank, California

Alias: Christian Wolff, accountant


  • Save the world (thx Bruce and Clark)
  • Secure sensitive data


For this mission, you take the role of Christian Wolff, an unconventional accountant who has lived as a double agent for years. He has gathered highly sensitive data while working for the most dangerous criminal organizations of the world.
As things are starting to unravel, it is expected that Wolff’s enemies will attempt to get their hands on these files.

As Wolff cannot risk to blow his cover up, we need you to make sure the data is secure.

Good luck.

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The Accountant teaser

Don’t stand in his sights