The 22nd of March 2014, the day of his birthday, James T. Kirk receives a new mission: respond to a mysterious distress signal issuing from the Deneb system. Very quickly, the crew realizes that it has fallen into a trap… Kirk will have to use his ship’s laser guns and make his way in a jetpack into the bowels of a hostile planet in order to escape a dire end.


1st puzzle: The Descent
You are in a ship inexorably drawn towards the ground’s surface by a mysterious force. You must get rid of the surrounding mountains with laser-shots in order to be able to touch down safe and sound. For this first puzzle (that had no relation to the second), it was necessary to find the index of the largest number in a table, knowing that the values of the table were decremented without knowing in advance by how much. In other words, with each turn it was necessary to search anew the index of the largest number in the table.

2nd puzzle: The Labyrinth
For this one, things were more complicated. Objective: traverse the labyrinth to find a radio console, and once found, activate it and hurry to get back to the teleporter by taking the shortest route. Initially, it was necessary to travel through the labyrinth/the map gradually to find the console, knowing that the graph that represented the maze was sometimes cyclical and that several routes were possible in order to arrive at a given point. Finding the shortest path was not an obvious task 🙂

(You can redo Kirk’s Quest via the training page.)


Congratulations to all the participants! We hope that you did not get lost in the meanders of the maze…
It’s cup_of_tea who finished first, in less than an hour in C++, followed by redvasily (Python 3) and dae (PHP), separated by only a 4 second gap.

Finally, of the 1124 registered, 659 of you reached the end of the challenge, in 3hr 24min on average.

Find here the rankings and leaderboard with access to the source code of participants (to view the replay of puzzles, use the “play” buttons next to the validators).