Two months ago, we were launching the Tron AI Battle without really knowing if you would like the concept. All in all, you have been 1564 to try it and 672 to push your AI in the arena.

Last Friday (02/28) at 1:00 in the morning, it was the final countdown to post you AIs. There were several turnarounds at the last minute but finally, the (most awaited) top 3 from the leaderboard is: ThomasNzO, yvesmocq and hau. They win a CodinGame t-shirt: congrats to all 3!

To answer questions that were asked on the mailing list or elsewhere, we do not intend to publish rankings by languages. And as far as source codes are concerned, we will not display them either, because the battle has just been added to the training page and, you know, it’s good for newcomers to try to think about their own strategies rather than copying what’s already been done 🙂

However, your submitted code is open-sourced so we warmly invite you to share it on your networks (Github, Quora, personal blogs…). We know that a lot of people will love to learn more about the strategies you adopted and why!

Here are some interesting publishing initiatives we already could spot (we surely missed some of your articles, so feel free to tell us what you wrote and we’ll list your content here):