Last month, we asked you to answer our developer survey. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the long questionnaire. Trust me, the results are worth your time!

Just a few stats that I personally found very interesting:

  • 8% of respondents started coding before they were 10 years old, and 36% were self-taught. That’s impressive!
  • 87% of respondents said they code outside of work/school. An effect of the #100DaysOfCode challenge?
  • While 55% feel a sense of community, 7% of developers still feel judged or looked down upon by others. I’m sure we can do better here.
  • I found this a bit sad: 30% of developers said they prefer to work alone.
  • 52% said they didn’t contribute to Open Source projects but wanted to. That’s a lot. Lack of time? Of motivation?

Enough with the teasing…Ready to meet today’s developer? Check out our infographic below with a few key statistics extracted from the thousands of answers. Find a lot more information and analysis in the detailed report:

Read the full report

Developer Survey Results 2019

Meet Today’s Developer

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What surprised you? Did you find a statistic particularly interesting? What else would you have liked to learn about today’s developer? Let me know in the comments!