CodinGame would not be what it is without its community. The platform is yours, and your passion for it makes it alive and helpful. A lot of CodinGamers are presenting great content around CodinGame and we thought it would be very interesting to put them under the spotlight.

Clash of Code with Mary the KnittingDev

Some of us code alone on the platform, some others meet with friends to share ideas and compete. And there is Mary the KnittingDev who streams her Clash of Code sessions!
She streams usually on Thursday from 10PM to 12AM and on Sunday from 12PM to 4PM (CDT time) on TheWeirdlings stream and it’s super fun. Last Saturday, Tom, CEO of CodinGame, even joined her for a Clash!
“CodinGame is the first product I feel has played well on Twitch and provides a good medium to bridge the gap between coders and gamers.”
Thank you, Mary!

Magus strikes back

I’m not sure Magus still needs to be introduced as his reputation precedes him. Indeed he’s just the current leader of the global leaderboard.

Two weeks ago, he has shared an article to help players create a good AI on the Coders Strike Back contest. Meanwhile we have released the game Coders Strike Back – league, as a tutorial to AI games and to the league system. The game now is slightly different than the contest version, but don’t worry everything that Magus explains in his document is useful for mastering it.

I asked him why he took the time to write such an article and here was his answer:
“2 years ago, I had no AI experience on CodinGame. And honestly my skills in AI development for multiplayer games were not so great. I learned by reading code reviews from the winners of the previous contests. I was reading their feedback, and implementing the same. As a result I have now very highly ranked AIs in more or less all multiplayer games, and I manage to get good results at contests. So we could say I’m returning the favor. The community taught me things, now I can do the same in return.”

Thank you, Magus!

Link to the article in English
Link to the article in French

Anyone can be a hero

You too are doing something special around CodinGame and would like to share it with the community? Don’t hesitate to share your story with us at [email protected]!