In less than 4 weeks now, several thousands of programmers will doggedly try to code the best bot they can in the Hypersonic contest. Competing in such a challenge is exhilarating, and the only thing you want to do (apart from coding) is discuss with others about the problem at hand. We’re giving you the opportunity to do it, we’re indeed launching the CodingHubs!


CodinGame does not only happen online! A CodingHub is a place to meet with other CodinGamers, code together around a game and enjoy the fun of coding.
Meet, code, enjoy!

CodingHubs are organized by voluntary CodinGamers usually for an evening at a private place, may it be at their university, at their company or at home. (provided they get the authorisation to do it).

And to add more fun to the event, we’ll be sending CodinGame goodies to each Hub!

Great, where do I sign?

You can find all information (date, address, contact email…) about CodinHubs on the map below. [if the map doesn’t show for you, trying clearing your cookies] They are indicated by a yellow wifi icon.

If you’re interested in joining an existing CodingHub, you have to contact the organizer to register to it. Obviously the number of available seats is limited.

I can’t find any Hub near me 🙁

No worries, there might not yet be a Hub close to you, but there may be other enthusiastic CodinGamers not too far. They are indicated by the green laptop icon on the map.

Fill this form to signal fellow CodinGamers you’d be ready to join a Hub.

I should update the map within 24h. One day it’ll be dynamic, I promise. 

EDIT 28/11/17: We’re not using these forms and map anymore. You can find the list of recent hubs in this Trello board.

Let’s be crazy, I’m up to the task

Interested in hosting your own hub? Congrats!

You can fill this slightly longer form and we’ll get in touch with you really soon to help you organize it.

Same, I’ll update the map as soon as I can, but at night, I sleep. 

EDIT 28/11/17: We’re not using these forms and map anymore. You can find the list of recent hubs in this Trello board.

Is there something else I should know?

Once you’ve registered, you can talk about it with your friends and colleagues. The more, the merrier!
And don’t forget your laptop! 😉

If you’ve got any question, don’t hesitate to comment below. Else I’m always reachable at [email protected]

Econocom coding hub

CodingHub in Lyon for Codebusters

Murex Coding Hub

CodingHub in Paris for Codebusters

CodinGame codingHub

Our CodingHub in Montpellier for Codebusters