We’re super happy to announce the release of a new Sponsored Puzzle on CodinGame: “The Great Dispatch.” It involves a convoy of trucks, a mystery Bank, cunning villains, and gold — a lot of gold! What else do you need?

What’s a Sponsored Puzzle Again?

A Sponsored Puzzle is a special game we craft in close collaboration with a specific company (the sponsor). We want you to discover the universe of our sponsor, its technical and business challenges, and give you the possibility to apply to this company if you successfully solve the puzzle!

You can solve it just like a regular puzzle, although the difficulty can differ between puzzles. Once you’ve solved it, you are redirected to a specific page where you can access the sponsor’s special job offers.

This time, we are keeping the sense of mystery since we have not revealed the name of the sponsor yet! We can only tell you that it’s a top global US bank… And you will only be able to uncover the name of this bank once you validate 100% of the tests and reach a specific threshold in your final score!

Weigh Your Options Carefully

“The Great Dispatch” is an optimization puzzle where you take the role of a great tycoon who needs to move gold from Chicago to New York using a convoy of a hundred trucks. However, villains working at the highway weigh station may be waiting around the corner to attack your convoy. If they detect a too large of a weight difference in your convoy, they will get suspicious and pillage the heaviest truck.

Your mission is to cautiously distribute boxes containing gold into the hundred trucks so that the lightest and heaviest have the smallest weight difference. Roll up your sleeves, folks — the wealth of your business depends on your capacity to outsmart the villains!


Solve The Great Dispatch