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Welcome to the Elephant Carpaccio programming!

Based on Elephant Carpaccio exercise from Alistair Cockburn


  1. Break into teams of 2-3 people, one workstation per team.
  2. Preparation: Each team writes down on paper the 10-20 demo-able user stories they will develop and eventually introduce. Each should be doable in 3 minutes. No slides just mockup of UI, creation of data table or data structure. All demos show real input & output (not test harness).
  3. Discussion: Instructor/facilitator leads discussion of the slides, what is and isn't acceptable, solicits ways to slide finer.
  4. Development: A fix time-box of 40 minutes, seven 3-minutes development sprints, clock does not stop. At the end of each sprint, each team shows its product and announce its ranking (the step where the team is)
  5. Debrief
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