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Reactive Programming with Reactor 3



Merging sequences is the operation consisting of listening for values from several Publishers and emitting them in a single Flux.

On this first exercise we will begin by merging elements of two Flux as soon as they arrive. The caveat here is that values from flux1 arrive with a delay, so in the resulting Flux we start seeing values from flux2 first.

Simple Merge

But if we want to keep the order of sources, we can use the concat operator. Concat will wait for flux1 to complete before it can subscribe to flux2, ensuring that all the values from flux1 have been emitted, thus preserving an order corresponding to the source.

Keep the order

You can use concat with several Publisher. For example, you can get two Mono and turn them into a same-order Flux:

Create a flux from two mono
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package io.pivotal.literx;
//generic imports to help with simpler IDEs (ie tech.io)
import java.util.*;
import java.util.function.*;
import java.time.*;
import io.pivotal.literx.domain.User;
import reactor.core.publisher.Flux;
import reactor.core.publisher.Mono;
* Learn how to merge flux.
* @author Sebastien Deleuze
public class Part05Merge {
// TODO Merge flux1 and flux2 values with interleave
Flux<User> mergeFluxWithInterleave(Flux<User> flux1, Flux<User> flux2) {
return null;
// TODO Merge flux1 and flux2 values with no interleave (flux1 values and then flux2 values)
Flux<User> mergeFluxWithNoInterleave(Flux<User> flux1, Flux<User> flux2) {
return null;
// TODO Create a Flux containing the value of mono1 then the value of mono2
Flux<User> createFluxFromMultipleMono(Mono<User> mono1, Mono<User> mono2) {
return null;
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