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Some CodinGame-specific tools and sites by the community

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The CG community created several great tools and websites that can help you during your CodinGame activity. The list below might be incomplete, please let me know if something worth mentioning is missing.


  • CG Sync by the CG team
    • Chrome extension to sync local IDE with the CG code editor.
  • CG Spunk by player_one
    • Chrome extension with Swap opponents and Batch Run functionality for multiplayer games.
  • CG Benchmark by Neumann
    • A Java tool to queue batches of matches on any multiplayer game.
  • CG-BrutalTester by Magus
    • A Java local tool to simulate the CodinGame multiplayer arena.
  • CGTest by myself
    • A multi-language offline batch test runner for CodinGame (or other) solo I/O puzzles.
    • Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but maybe someone might find also this tool of some useā€¦


  • CG Activity by Stilgart
    • XP leaderboard
    • Leaderboard by languages
    • Puzzles solved by Codingamers with a level of 40+
    • List of puzzles
    • List of tags
  • CG puzzle search by eulerscheZahl
    • Search puzzles by anything
    • Reproduce replays
  • CG stats by Magus
    • Detailed winrates of a player by competitor in a multi or contest
  • CG points by _Royale
    • CP results of a player in all multis and contests
  • CG multi by Azkellas
    • Comparing standings in each multis for several players
  • CG leadergraph by dbdr
    • Graphical CP leaderboard for top200 players - currently broken
  • Chat history by ??? (sorry, I don't know who is the culprit)
    • Note: the built-in WebChat was recently removed from the CG site

Useful links

Coming next

This is the end of the Codingame specific part of this playground.

However, there are some dev tools so important within the PHP community, that I just could not skip them completely. So let's carry on!

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