Multi-tenant ASP.NET Core 7 - Defensive database context


Defensive database context

To make sure that data from different tenants doesn't get mixed in multi-tenant application we can add some defensive behaviour to multi-tenant database context to build additional safety net for application developers.

The following demonstrates defensive database context and it uses the following classes:

  • ITenantProvider - interface for tenant providers,
  • DummyTenantProvider - tenant provider for demo purposes,
  • BaseEntity - base class for all entities,
  • Person - sample entity type for this demo,
  • CrossTenantUpdateException - exception type for operations that use data from multiple tenants,
  • SampleDbContext - defensive database context.

The sample below creates new instance of database context, adds two instances of Person entities that belong to different tenants and then saves changes. If cross-tenant operation exception is thrown then tenant ID-s involved to incident are written out.

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