A Babel of Languages on CodinGame

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It was a long ride!
I hope you liked it, and also learned something new along the road.
Thank you for your time!

Where to go next?

  • You are encouraged to (re)visit some of the practice puzzles on CodinGame, and try to solve them in a new language! Some frustration is guaranteed, but expect also some nice 'A-ha!' moments. As a bonus, some CodinGame achievements will also unlock.
  • Do some Clash of Code in a new language! Surely, you will loose many games in the beginning, but the best way of learning is by doing!
  • Write a bot for a multiplayer AI game! Beat those lame C++ bots at the top of the leaderboards with a nice Bash script! :-)
  • Join CG Discord channel or CG Forum and harass all Codingamers and the CG staff by insisting to add support for language X! :-)
  • Give me some feedback or pull request on how to improve this playground! (Its source is available on github.)
  • Check out my other playgrounds:



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