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Welcome to C# refresh!

This playground is the first of fourteen parts of the course "Dataåtkomster i .NET" (Data access using .NET) at Teknikhögskolan in Gothenburg, Sweden. The playground requires a intermediate knowledge to .NET and C#.

This the goal of this first part is to refresh different parts of C# and .NET, with a special focus on those technologies which we are going to use and extend during this course.

It's highly recommended that you walkthrough this playground before the class.

This playground consist of the following parts:

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and C#
    • Programming concepts in OOP
      • Encapsulation
      • Inheritance
      • Polymorphism
      • Abstraction
    • OOP Elements in C#
      • Class
      • Object
      • Abstract Class
      • Properties
    • Design principles
    • Object oriented thinking
  • Interfaces
  • Lambda expressions
  • Reflection
  • Attributes in C#
  • Fluent API
    • Builder pattern

Each part will consist of links to learning material, quizzes on the learning material and code examples

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