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BrainFuck part 13 - Funky output

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ANSI/VT100 control sequences

So, what the hell is this thing?

Using a special character named <Esc>, it is possible to add some format codes that will modify the console text format options.

The ANSI/VT100 commands are the same on any terminal, the only thing that may differ is the way to obtain the Escape char. Let's keep it short and simple : on Bash, it's ASCII code 27.

So, let's just add a 27 char and then play with control sequences.

Let's start

  • Memory: empty
  • Cursor: first cell
  • Input: any text


  • generate 9
  • use this 9 to generate 27, 90, 45 and 108
  • change this to 27, 91, 49 and 109
    • this is [1m chars
  • print those chars : style is bold !!!
  • read a char and print while it's not null
  • print ASCII code 10 (newline)
  • change 49 to 48 and re-print those chars
  • style reset to normal


+++++++++[->+++>++++++++++  generate the desired numbers
>+++++>++++++++++++<<<<]      ** part 2 **
>>+>++++>+<<<[.>]           print escape control sequence
,[.,                        print all chars from input]
++++++++++.[-]              print newline
<<-<<[.>]                   print reset escape control sequence

Minified version


Final state

  • Memory: 0 27 91 48 109 0 0 0 0 0 0
  • Cursor: after 109
  • Input: empty (read)
  • Output: funky bold text
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