All docker images work with So have a look at to pick one.

Here are the available runners that we've crafted to simplify your life on the platform:

NameShort descriptionGit DockerEnvironment (Language, requirements, etc.)
java-maven3-junit4-runnerA JUnit test runner using Maven for building the course and javac for compiling the user's answer.GitHub DockerHubJava 8, Maven 3, JUnit 4
maven3-runnerA full maven3 runner using Maven for building and running the course according to the user answer.GitHub DockerHubJava 8, Maven 3
sbt-scalatest-runnerA Scala test runner that fetches dependencies using sbt and executes tests using scalatest.GitHub DockerHubScala 2.12
golang-godep-runnerA Golang test runner using godep for fetching dependencies.GitHub DockerHubGo 1.8, works with the "testing" package
node-npm-runnerA JavaScript runner using npm for fetching dependencies and running user code with the provided command.GitHub DockerHubNode.js 7.4
mono-nuget-nunit-runnerA NUnit test runner using NuGet for building the course and running user code with Mono (C#, F#)GitHub DockerHubMono 4.8
cmake-gcc-runnerA simple C/C++ runner building using CMake and GCC and running user code using the command provided in the course.GitHub DockerHubGCC 6.3
c-check-runnerA Check test runner for C courses using autoconf/make and GCC for building.GitHub DockerHubGCC 6.3
python3-unittest-runnerA Python runner using unittest for testing user code.GitHub DockerHubPython 3.6
dotnet-runnerA .Net Core runner for C#/F# using MSTest/xUnit for testing user code.GitHub DockerHub.Net Core 1.1
rust-cargo-runnerA Rust test runner using cargo for building the course as well as running user code.GitHub DockerHubRust 1.15
ruby-bundler-runnerA Ruby test runner using bundler for installing dependencies.GitHub DockerHubRuby 2.4
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