Quiz extension

We added an extension to create multiple-choice quizzes. For any quiz, you can set up a question with a list of one or more possible answers. The default behaviours are:

  • Display radio buttons to the user when the question can have only one correct answer.
  • Display checkboxes to the user when the question can have multiple correct answers.

You can add a parameter on the quiz to force the type of quiz (radio buttons or checkbox).

Simple example

?[What is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?]
-[ ] There is no answer to that!
-[ ] Sleep and eat
-[x] Easy, this is 42
-[ ] Peace & Love

will produce the following result:

The solution will be validated if the user checks the third item.

Question label

The question label starts with the token ?[ and ends with the token ].

?[This is the label used for the question.]

Choice items

Choice items are composed of 3 elements:

  • The dash prefix: -
  • The validity token of the item:
    • [X] token means a valid choice
    • [ ] token means a wrong choice
  • The label of the item


-[ ] This is an invalid choice
-[X] This is a valid choice

Force single or multiple choice answer style

Sometime, we need to force a single choice. The choice answer style can be forced with the a parameter following the question label.

  • Single answer: Radio button style, a single answer can be forced with the single parameter
  • Multiple answers: Checkbox style can be forced with the multiple parameter


?[This is the label used for the question](single)
- [ ] Choice 1
- [X] Choice 2 which is a valid answer
- [ ] Choice 3
- [X] Choice 4 which is a valid answer
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