TECHIO> annotate


TECHIO> annotate --file <FILENAME> --position <LINE[:COLUMN]> [OPTIONS] <MESSAGE>


Annotate the client code editor with margin marker and an associated message.


-f, --file <FILENAME> FILENAME is used to select the code editor associated with the displayed annotation. If a client editor filename is contained in the command filename, this editor is selected. If the FILENAME does not match with a client editor filename, the annotation is not displayed.

-p, --position <LINE[:COLUMN]> LINE represents the line of the marker. A COLUMN value can be appended to give more details about the precise position of the annotation. LINE and COLUMN are integer values.

-t, --type <TYPE> TYPE of the annotation. Valid values include: info, warning, and error. The default value is error.

-c, --channel <CHANNEL> The annotation information can also be optionally printed on a CHANNEL.


Display a warning annotation on the line 3 of a main.js editor file with the associated message: warn: ';' not found.

TECHIO> annotate --type "warning" --file "a.js" --position 3 warn: ';' not found

Display an error annotation on the line 4 of a editor file with the following message: error: ';' expected at end of line. It also prints the message on a compilation channel with the name of the file, the line number, and the column.

TECHIO> annotate --channel "compilation" --file "" --position 4:8 error: ';' expected at end of line
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