Top Tips

  1. Read all StdIn Not reading all input (as provided in the default code) will most likely break your code. Even if you don't use the input, read it.
  2. Send one output per turn Unless specified, sending multiple lines of outputs per turn will desynchronize your bot behavior from the game state as you read it in StdIn.
  3. Keep it simple Some clever but difficult to implement ideas can be counter-productive. You'll spend time implementing them without being sure of the return on investment. Focus on the simplest ideas with the most probable effects.
  4. Be pragmatic Don't worry about the performance of your code until you reach the Gold league. And even then, if you don't simulate possible moves, you probably don't need to worry.
  5. Choose the right battles Don't modify your code to counter specific strategies unless a lot of other bots used them. If you beat the boss 80% of the time but lose 80% of the time versus all other bots, you'll never get promoted.

Reading suggestions


Unfortunately, there is for now no way to reset your progression in a bot programming game. Once you're promoted to a higher league, our system will start matching it with other bots in this new league to rank it correctly.

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