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Mean Max (Nov. 2017)

Mean Max artwork Mean Max logo

Created by Agade, Magus, pb4 and reCurse

public game

Botters of the Galaxy (Feb. 2018)

Botters of the Galaxy artwork Botters of the Galaxy logo

Created by AntiSquid, Illedan and Wildum

public game

Code Royale (April 2018)

Code Royale artwork Code Royale logo

Created by csj, harshch000 and mcargille

public game

Code of Kutulu (June 2018)

Code of Kutulu artwork Code of Kutulu logo

Created by eulerscheZahl, JohnnyYuge & nmahoude

public game

Legends of Code & Magic (July-Aug 2018)

Legends of Code and Magic artwork Legends of Code and Magic logo

Created by aCat & radekmie

public game

A*Craft (Oct. 2018)

A*Craft artwork A*Craft logo

Created by Agade and Magus

public puzzle

Xmas Rush (Dec. 2018)

Xmas Rush artwork Xmas Rush logo

Created by Chimney42, Iuliia, rnkey & Tzupy

public game

Code a la Mode (March 2019)

Code a la Mode artwork Code a la Mode logo

Created by csj, Matteh

public game

A Code of Ice & Fire (May 2019)

A Code of Ice & Fire artwork A Code of Ice & Fire logo

Created by Azkellas and Tehelka

public game

Detective Pikaptcha (July 2019)

Detective Pikaptcha artwork Detective Pikaptcha logo

Created by java_coffee_cup

public puzzle - ep 1

Ocean of Code (March 2020)

Ocean of Code artwork Ocean of Code logo

Created by eulerscheZahl, Illedan and G-Rom

public game

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