New to CodinGame ➡️

  • What is CodinGame?

  • What is CodinGame's mission?

  • Where should I start?

  • Can I learn programming on CodinGame?

  • What language should I learn?

How it works ➡️

  • How does my code communicate with CodinGame's system?

  • What does the default code given in puzzles do exactly?

  • How do I debug my code?

  • Why can't I see validators?

Solving puzzles? ➡️

  • What are test cases and validators?

  • What's an In/Out puzzle?

  • What is Clash of Code?

Coding Games ➡️

  • Why is there an infinite while loop in some puzzles?

  • What is bot programming on CodinGame?

  • How do games with leagues work?

Getting Help ➡️

  • Where can I find puzzle hints and tips?

  • Where can I ask for help?

  • How can I check out other players' solutions?

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