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Creating your own puzzle/game ➡️

  • What are the different stages of the contribution process?

  • What kind of contributions can I make?

  • What are the best practices for making a coding game?

Approval Process ➡️

  • How do contributions get approved/refused?

  • What are the conditions to be able to approve/refuse a contribution?

  • Once approved, can a contribution be removed?

  • Is there a reward for contributing to CodinGame?

Contribution Guidelines ➡️

  • What are the guidelines for contributing to CodinGame

  • Can the guidelines be updated?

Community Blog ➡️

  • How can I write an article to be published on CodinGame?

  • What is

Community Tools ➡️

  • Does CodinGame have an API?

  • What types of tools exist around CodinGame?

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