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Welcome to the Core of CodinGame's Community

This documentation is a GitHub repo. Feel free to propose changes or open issues.

The CodinGame platform has many facets but its community definitely represents its beating heart. This documentation has the following objectives:

  • present and organize the different ways to contribute to the platform and to the community
  • showcase the community and the creations of its most active contributors

On top of the embedded discussions tab for each contribution, the official tool for discussing community contributions is Discord.

Types of contributions

Here is a list of all the things you can create to contribute to CodinGame.

  1. In/Out Puzzles (created via a form on CodinGame)
    • Classic Puzzle
    • Clash of Code
  2. Coding Games (created with the CodinGame Game Engine, also known as the sdk)
    • Solo Puzzle (with a viewer)
    • Multiplayer Game (Bot Programming)
    • Optimization Puzzle/Game
  3. Contest
  4. Articles
    • Blog Article
    • Playground
  5. Other
    • CodinGamer Tool

Contributing doesn't only mean creating. It's also helping others to create. Each type of contribution has its own team of moderators, its rules and best practices, defined not only by CodinGame but also by the community.

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