Any contribution that doesn't respect one or more guidelines from the contribution guidelines can be rejected.

Moderation Process

Anyone can vote (upvote/downvote) any contribution.

A contribution has 3 different states:

  • Private: a draft that can be shared with friends with the link.
  • WIP: as Work In Progress. Visible by everyone for feedback and suggestions but not yet ready to be published. WIP cannot be moderated.
  • Ready: visible by everyone and ready for moderation.

A contribution needs 3 votes from moderators for approval/rejection to get approved/rejected.

Once approved, a contribution gets published as a puzzle/game on the platform. The contribution is still accessible in the list of accepted contributions. Once rejected, a contribution is sent back to the list of contributions of the creator as rejected. The creator can improve the contribution and resubmit it for moderation of the community.

Moderation Rights

There are two different moderation rights:

  • Approver right: approvers can approve or reject contributions. They also can edit contributions under review (not yet approved/rejected).

  • Editor right: editors have approver rights. Editors can also edit approved contributions.

  • Any player who has played more than 50 clashes has approver rights.

  • Any player who has played more than 300 clashes has editor rights.

For all other contribution types:

  • Any player whose level is greater or equals to 20 has approver rights.
  • Any player whose level is greater or equals to 29 has editor rights.

Moderation Bot

The moderation process is not perfect. Hence, a bot will automatically remove "bad" contributions according to community's feedback.

Any Clash of Code puzzle having a bad rating in one of the feedback categories will be rejected.

Rating is computed by mode; this means that modes of the CoC will be progressively removed until there is none, and the CoC contribution is finally rejected.

Any puzzle/game having a bad general rating will be rejected.

The ratings are taken into account once they are enough votes.

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