Messages between members of CodinGame happen on different places:

  • our integrated IRC chat
  • our Discord server
  • our Discourse forum
  • our contribute section
  • all the solutions

Community moderators ensure community members respect the Code of Conduct in all these places.

Moderation team

  • AntiSquid
  • Astrobytes
  • BlaiseEbuth
  • Bob
  • dbdr
  • eulerscheZahl
  • Icebox
  • Illedan
  • Magus
  • Neumann
  • nicola
  • reCurse
  • robostac
  • struct
  • SeebOmega
  • ThomasNicoullaud
  • Tiramon
  • Tutubalin (#ru only)
  • Uljahn

Feel free to contact any moderator should you have an issue with another community member.

Moderators are volunteers who enjoy CodinGame and its community. While they'll usually be happy to help you with a programming question, they don't have to answer you, so don't ping them for that. Prefer an open question or check the forum.

Community moderators have moderation powers on CG chat, Discord and the forum.

Most CodinGame staff members have moderation rights too. Their username starts with "[CG]".

Chat Moderation Guidelines (for moderators)

  • Engage in Good Faith: don't assume the worst from users and try to understand first the reason for an abusive behavior
  • Lead by Example: show everyone what's expected from them - great attitude and kindliness
  • Trust the Team: in doubt, ask other moderators or staff members for their opinion on the matter
  • Warning, Kick, Ban: notify the abuser with a public warning first, then kick if necessary, then ban if necessary

Discord moderators channel

Moderators have the trust of CodinGame's staff but we reserve ourselves the rights to revoke a moderator rights should any abuse occur.

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