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Computer & Server

A computer consists of a processor, RAM, a data storage system, and interfaces. A server is a computer whose purpose is to serve applications.


A computer is an electronic machine that uses electricity for data processing and storage.

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Although the first computers were made after the Second World War, their design inherited various experiments such as the Harvard Mark I and the Z3, programmable electromechanical machines started in 1939, and especially two electronic computers: the Colossus of the British cryptanalysis service in 1943, the ENIAC in 1945. In the background we can mention theories such as the "Turing machine", or combinations of much older techniques such as the first mechanical calculating machines (seventeenth century) and the first weaving machines automated by reading perforated cards and ribbons (eighteenth century).


A server is a computer whose main purpose is to serve data over a network.

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