Hibernate Native SQL

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Use parameter binding in native SQL queries.

From JPA 2.1 onwards, to create native Queries, we can use the org.hibernate.Session object’s createNativeQuery method to create and execute Native Queries

List<Object[]> users1 = session.createNativeQuery(
	"SELECT user_Id,name,username,isadmin,region_id,team_id,domain_id FROM user").list(); -> {
				Integer id = (Integer) objects[0];
				String name = (String) objects[1];
				if (logger.isLoggable(Level.INFO)) {"User[ %d, %s ]", id, name));

In the above query, if there needs to be a where case, the same can be done via parameter binding

A quick sample. Check out the JAVA class and SQL file
  • Here, we filter the query based on the user_id. In the query, the ‘?’ acts as a place-holder for setting the parameter and the .setParameter(1,1) sets the value to the place-holder. In the setParameter, the first parameter is the placeholder position and the send parameter is the value for the placeholder.
  • Hibernate uses the ResultSetMetadata to deduce the type of the columns returned by the query.
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