How To Build Strong Internet Presence For Small Businesses


You need a strong internet presence if you want to grow in this competitive global business world and obviously, that's not so easy! You will be surprised to know that an average consumer uses 7.9 different sources before reaching to a conclusion. So as a small business owner you can't take the risk of ignoring it. Instead, you should search for the ways that could help you out, but the question that must be popping inside your head is HOW? Well, do not hit your head hard, here are the some of the ways that would let you know to build a strong internet presence for small business. But before proceeding, you must be clear about the goal of doing so. It should be not like that; you have just heard of it somewhere and hence started working for it. Take your time and research well. Now, let us look into today's key points we are going to discuss:

The ways to build a strong internet presence

Let's dig into the details of all seven key essentials to build a strong internet presence.

1). Build a website:

Once you are clear with the business idea, all you need to do is make it online but what are the techniques or procedure to do so? Well, first you need to buy a domain name. Suppose your business name is XYZ, so the domain will make it to There are various sites from which you can purchase it. Next, you have to buy host gate. To make your business home base, you need to make it visible on the internet that is what the host does. After it, you have to choose layout and design for your website. There are a number of companies, freelancers out there in the market who would do it for you. Your website must contain the following pages:

  • A clear message
  • Valuable content
  • Easy to use (UX)
  • Opt-in lead magnet
  • A "contact us" page
  • About page

Having all of them in your website will be a great benefit for organization as a whole.

2). Create a Brand Voice Through Blogging:

Next, you have to start your blog to turn the attention of potential customers towards your business. In the blog, you can not only put the description or updates of your business but also can engage with other website or blog owners. This will help you out in getting Backlinks which is an important part of SEO.

3). Claim Social Media Profiles:

After the website, you have to make it establish and popular as much as you can. For this, it's important to make it enough visible. Social media is a trend now a days. To attach all the social media options such as Instagram, Google+, and Facebook in your home base. Also, make sure the profiles that you have created should be complete and professional. Otherwise, it will look unprofessional and thus will create a bad impression in the minds of your customers.

4). Optimize Pages:

To make your website searchable and visible, it's important to optimize your pages. Incorporate long tail semantic search terms and various keywords that exactly what the customers are looking for. There are various keyword tools available online that would help you to find the most appropriate one. This tactic will help increase the chances of being discovered in the search engine.

5). Comment on forums:

As we know that having a website is not the end of the story. You must have to get indulge in other forums as well. You can even try a guest blog or comment, get engage with other expertise over there on different forums of your business interest.

6). Be consistent and create value:

Decide one thing; it may be YouTube, blogging or anything else that could help you to achieve your goals. Whatever it is, but being consistent is the key. Do it every day. Also, to attain certain credibility, always provide consistent value first to your accounts, no matter if it is Instagram or YouTube.

7). Keep improving using analytics:

There are various growth tools available online that could help you to know if the efforts are paying off well. Keep an eye on the growth from day 1 and keep working accordingly until or unless you reach your goals. The tools will let you everything about the people visiting your website such as their location, browser or device they from where they accessed the site. Also, you will get to know their age as well. In addition to it, you can check the growth and engagement of people on social media by the number of subscribers, likes, comments, views etc. You will be able to make better decisions for your business, once you will get to know the main area or region from where you are getting huge engagement or traffic.

Time to sum up:

By now, you must have understood the importance of following these steps for the growth of your business. It is a time-consuming process. The results will not be in your side overnight. So, have patience, work endlessly, put all your efforts and get ready to be a brand!

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