Modern C++ idoms and recipes



Welcome to the "Modern C++" idoms and recipes workshop by the C++ Usergroup Zentralschweiz


In this workshop we will look at some common idioms and recipes for C++ programming with the focus on "Modern C++" implementations, i.e. implementations that use features of the new C++ standards C++11/14 and soon 17.

Some of the ideas for the recipes are taken from the books "Modern C++ Programming Cookbook" by Marius Bancila and "C++17 STL Cookbook" by Jacek Galowicz

DIY (Do It Yourself)

The following pages contain introductory examples and small exercise.

If you want to use the C++17 features presented outside of the environment, you need a recent compiler which supports the C++17 features used, e.g. gcc 7.1.

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