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This PHP template lets you get started quickly with a simple working example in PHP. If this is your first contribution, you should have a look at the Getting Started guide.

The source code is on GitHub, please feel free to come up with proposals to improve it.

Hands-on Demo

Luke, how many stars there are in these galaxies?
Wil, teste mon code ?

Check out the markdown file to see how this exercise is injected into the template.

Template Resources

What you are reading here is generated by this file. uses the Markdown syntax to render text, media and to inject programming exercises.

A simple PHP project dedicated to run the programming exercise above. A project relies on a Docker image. You can find images on the Docker Hub or you can even build your own.

This mandatory file describes both the table of contents and the programming project(s). The file path should not be changed.

Visual and Interactive Content provides all the tools to embed visual and interactive content like a Web app or a Unix terminal. Please refer to the documentation to learn more about the viewer integrations.

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