CodinGame SDK

The CodinGame SDK is a Java project that allows you to write programming games for CodinGame.

A game is divided into 2 parts: the referee and the viewer. The referee is a program that implements the game rules. It will communicate with the players and at the end it will assign a score to each player or a win/lose status (depending on which type of game you create). The viewer displays the game using frames sent by the referee.

The CodinGame SDK provides the main classes to write the referee and a viewer. A module called GraphicEntityModule allows the display of sprites and shapes directly from the referee code. If you want to do something more advanced, it's possible to write your own module.

Main Classes

A game must at least contains the classes Referee and Player, which inherit from the classes AbstractReferee and AbstractMultiplayerPlayer or AbstractSoloPlayer respectively.

The Referee class must implement the methods init and gameTurn. The Player class is mainly used to communicate with the agent (you must give the input, then read the output).

The entry point of the game is the class SoloGameManager or MultiplayerGameManager (corresponding to the type of game you are creating). This class calls the Referee on each turn, and sends data to the viewer.

Main classes

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