Contributed by Butanium.

This module allows you to have a camera following some of your entities during the replay.
It comes with the CameraToggleModule which allows the user to enable or disable the camera.


Here is a usage example


⚠ This module requires the GraphicEntityModule to work.

Add the dependency in the pom.xml of your project.

    <!-- Or any version > 4.1.3 -->

Then setup the module (and the toggle) in your config.js.

import { GraphicEntityModule } from './entity-module/GraphicEntityModule.js'
import { CameraModule } from './camera-module/CameraModule.js'

import { CameraToggleModule } from './camera-module/CameraToggleModule.js' 
// Only if you want to use the toggle

// List of viewer modules that you want to use in your game
export const modules = [
  CameraToggleModule // Only if you want the toggle

// Insert this only if you want the camera toggle
// You can change the labels it won't affect the program 
export const options = [
        // The name of the camera toggle
        toggle: 'cameraMode',
        // The text displayed over the camera toggle
        title: 'CAMERA MODE',
        // The labels for the on/off states of the camera toggle
        values: {
            'DYNAMIC': true, // camera on
            'FIXED': false   // camera off
        // Default value of the camera toggle
        default: true


CameraModule cameraModule;

public void init() {
    cameraModule.setContainer(myEntityContainer, 1920, 1080);
    // `myEntityContainer` has to be a predecessor of every tracked entities
    // `myEntity` has to be a successor of `myEntityContainer` 
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