Introduction to cmake


Time Travel Interface Library

A CMake project is typically organized as a tree in a folder structure. With command add_subdirectory a CMakeLists.txt adds a sub-folders to the project. Each directory sub-folders must contain a CMakeLists.txt.

A library is added with command add_library. It is good practice to add an alias target for the library. The name of the alias library should use a namespace.


add_library(apple INTERFACE)
add_library(fruit::apple ALIAS apple)

Exercise 2

Add an interface library called time_travel and with an alias time_machine::time_travel. The library is in sub-folder time_travel_interface. The library shall provide the include path include to its dependants by using command target_include_directories.

+--- CMakeLists.txt
+--- time_travel_interface/
|    +--- CMakeLists.txt
|    +--- include/
|         +--- time_travel/
|              +--- time_travel.h
+--- ...
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